Funbox Santa’s Sleepover show – review

The FunBox - Santa's Sleepover Show 2015 Picture by John Young © 2015

Picture by John Young © 2015

As I drove to Funbox’s new show, Santa’s Sleepover, with my two over excited kids in the back, I couldn’t help but feel slightly apprehensive. This was the first time we would see the threesome as Funbox after years of watching The Singing Kettle. Like so many other families, we went to see the Kettle every time they visited our city. The kids loved them, I loved them! But would we still love them as Funbox? That was the big question….

As soon as the dynamic trio hit the stage, I knew that I was not going to be disappointed. Framed by their amazingly bold and colourful set, Funbox stormed the stage with enough energy to fill ten arenas. They immediately had the audience it the palm of their hand, charming them with their brand spanking new Christmas songs while we waited for Santa to come.

By the time the gang hit their first Funbox rhyme – “You and me, turn the key, open the lock to the Funbox, cha, cha, cha, cha” the audience were belting it out so loudly, it was obvious that no one was still yearning after The Singing Kettle. Especially not me.

With all of the brilliant gags, songs and irresistible dance moves on the go, Funbox felt every bit as special as watching The Singing Kettle, in fact if anything they had an edge with their offering having that bit of extra zing. Kevin, Anya and Gary’s enthusiasm is bountiful as well as catching and you can just tell how much they love performing. While Bonzo and old Scottish favourites like “Ma, Ma, will you buy me a banana” are still very much part of the set, the introduction of the Funsters and Funbox’s very own brand of hilarious catchy songs, make them feel very fresh and relevant.

By the time we left, my tiny two were grinning from ear to ear and full of festive cheer. They spent the drive back planning what they will wear to Funbox’s next Superheroes show which is touring next year! Funbox, you certainly won us over. We’ll be seeing you real soon x

Funbox’s Christmas show, Santa’s Sleepover is currently touring Scotland. Visit their website: for details.
*Disclaimer: We were given four free tickets in exchange for a fair and honest review.