Review: Decanting Club

A few weeks ago I got the chance to try out a new wine subscription club called the Decanting Club. When I’m not busy watching shows, reading and writing reviews, I am partial to a glass of wine (or three) – so I decided to give it a go…

I have to say, coming home to find wine in my letter pile was somewhat delightful! The main difference between the Decanting Club and other wine subscription services is that the wine is delivered to you by the glassful, inside a special pouch which fits through your letter box. This way club members can try out the wine and see if they like it, before committing to buy a whole case or bottle at a discounted price.

Every Monday, the wine of the week is decanted and sent out in the post. The idea is that they can be delivered with ease through the letterbox and members can sample the wine one glass at a time. I like this idea a lot – especially as it means that I didn’t have to wait in for any big bulky parcels to be delivered. Plus, the thought that wine is winging it’s way to me on a Monday – the weariest day of the week – is also welcomed!

I tried out two weeks worth of samples. The first wine was Clip do Monte da Vaia – a beautiful white wine with a crisp finish and the second was Swartland Limited Release Mourvedre – a fruity red.

I’m usually more of a white wine girl, but I enjoyed both samples and would happily of had more…

And I suppose that that is the only down side of this service! Sometimes one glass doesn’t feel like quite enough! However, the opportunity to order more of a wine that you know you’ll enjoy, does make up for that!

To find out more about Decanting Club, visit:

*Disclaimer – I was given a free two week sample of this subscription service in exchange for this fair and honest review.