Pippi Longstocking Saves Bedtime

pippiI thought I had pretty much covered all the children’s classics in my youth. The Wind in The Willows, The Worst Witch, all the Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books known to man, I read them all. So just how I managed to escape Pippi Longstocking and her crazy antics, I’ll never know. I’d never even heard of her until I spotted her recently, peeking out at me on the shelf of a second hand shop, pleading me to buy her!

So imagine my delight when I find out that she’s the perfect role model for my six year old girl. Forget Princesses waiting to be rescued, Pippi Longstocking is feisty, fierce and funny. She has my girl properly squawking with laughter, which may not be exactly ideal right before bedtime, but it’s still very lovely all the same.

But I mean who could resist a giggle at a Pippi – a girl who defiantly walks backwards, sleeps upside down (with her head underneath the duvet) and who wears shoes that are five sizes too big.

My girl is falling in love with the glorious Swede, and it’s not just her, I’m pretty smitten too! Pippi is making bedtimes fun again, she’s transporting me back in time to my old bedroom 25 years ago, when I would stay up reading, way past my bedtime, with the help of my Carebears torch. She’s helping me remember just how magical reading can be.

So if you’re looking for a bedtime story for your little girl (or little boy for that matter), don’t settle for a pretty princess, opt for the peculiar Pippi Longstocking instead. I promise, you’ll be very glad that you did.

You can buy a copy of Pippi Longstocking here.